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Privacy Policy presented here applies to services provided in the registration on the website of Lovely Disabled ( The legal person GENUINEBEAUTY UNIPESSOAL, LDA., Duly registered with the tax identification number 514515961. As the sole owner of the trademark Lovely Disabled.

Our privacy policy complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which entered into force on 25 May 2018.

When you make the registration on the website of Lovely Disabled (, you confirm that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy herein.

The GENUINEBEAUTY UNIPESSOAL LDA., Reserves the right to modify its data privacy policy at any time. The website user will be notified via e-mail.


1 - Personal information collected and use thereof

  1. All collected data are processed by the legal person GENUINEBEAUTY UNIPESSOAL LDA.,
  2. The data provided are registered in our database to enable the user to have the correct customer support, so that the person can be identified in case of legal breaches of our terms and conditions of use or other legal action that is in the filed and the entire operation of the website can take place properly.
  3. The following data collected: Email address of user and password are confidential, non-transferable and are never visible to other users on the initiative of GENUINEBEAUTY. UNIPESSOAL Lda. The same is not responsible if the user share data referred to with third parties;
  4. Data collected at the time of registration: date of birth; name, gender; sexual orientation, type of disability, location (city and district), qualifications and photos serve for the user to have your profile set personal and physical characteristics to serve as an introduction to other users. The data will also be used to describe the active population of our website in order to prepare reports for statistical purposes and Marketing, will still be used in our method of "match" for similarities, where users with similar descriptions are automatically displayed.
  5. Data collected from your utilization of the website include: conversations with other users, information shared in profile wall, dates for registration and access to the website, search profiles, and results of the "match game" serve to characterize of the population and to develop an activity to support the highest quality of customer. They also serve to verify non-compliance by the user to our "Terms and Conditions" and "Privacy"
  6. The data collected in the amount paid to obtain the VIP package, including: name, address, tax identification number (optional), NIB, IBAN or PayPal account address and database name are intended to check compliance and legality of payment, allowing it to be carried out successfully and for invoicing purposes.
  7. The user agrees to receive emails from GENUINEBEAUTY UNIPESSOAL, LDA., with news of the services provided under the brand Lovely Disabled. You can cancel at any time our emails without any cost or penalty.


2 - Data Collection and Storage

  1. The data is deleted from our database up to 1 year after the user request the cancellation of the user account;
  2. Sending e-mails ceases maximum period of one month after account closure. They may be canceled immediately through a request via e-mail to our marketing department ( 


3 - Data sharing:

  1. Private data shared by the user are only used and accessed by persons and entities with a partnership agreement to GENUINEBEAUTY UNIPESSOAL LDA., and always accessed and used in order to enhance the experience, fulfill requests from users and solve problems within the platform or services promoted by the trademark Lovely Disabled.
  2. The data will never be sold to third parties or shared, accessed or used by someone who does not meet the interests of point a) of Article 3 of this data privacy policy. Unless court order, or security holes (hacker attack) to which we are unaware.
  3. The user thus has knowledge and allows the data to be accessed and used within the company's accounts (invoicing under the purchase the VIP package); the company's marketing (emission emails advertising and creation of characterization of the active population of the website reports, never being possible to identify the citizen); the customer (whenever requested by it, or in case of complaint of misbehavior within the platform, the data is accessed for verification and respective solution); match mechanisms of the company (your user profile will be shown to users who have similar interests, and the user can make contact or not).
  4. The user is free to indicate which information wants to share and described in their profile and in the act of registration. The same is always responsible for those.
  5. All conversations that you make with other users in private chat are never shared to other users by GENUINEBEAUTY UNIPESSOAL LDA initiative.


4 - Citizen's rights on personal data

  1. Under the Portuguese constitutional law citizens and website user has rights in the respective articles of RGPD:
    Transparency (Article 12);
    Information (Articles 13 to 14.);
    Access (Article 15)
    Rectification (Article 16)
    Exclusion or right to be forgotten (Article 17),
    Treatment limitation (Article 18)
    Data portability (Article 20), Opposition (Article 21). 
  2. The citizen must demonstrate clearly that holds personal data and website user to take advantage of these rights.


5 - Cookies

  1. Cookies are files that the website sends to your browser in order to identify their preferences and uses, getting the same recorded on its own disk. Cookies allow that you don’t need to always write your login when entering a platform, and you can continue your previous use and that the websites remain formatted to your tastes and interests.
  2. The use of the website Lovely Disabled cookies are in accordance with the principles of anonymity and confidentiality, aiming only to improve the user experience on the platform and recognize it as a customer. Cookies allow the user has their automatic login when you enter the site.
  3. Lovely Disabled also uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics uses cookies as a way to verify the behavior and user actions when it accesses other sites and applications. These cookies are in accordance with the principle of anonymity and do not collect or use any information that can identify a user or visitor of the website Lovely Disabled.
  4. Cookies can be blocked directly in your browser and/or on our website. However, if you block the cookies some features of the websites won’t work or work incorrectly.

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