Terms and conditions of Use

The terms and conditions of use presented here apply to services provided in the registration on the website of Lovely Disabled (https://www.lovelydisabled.pt) the legal person GENUINEBEAUTY UNIPESSOAL, LDA., Duly registered with the number of tax ID 514515961. As the sole owner of the trademark Lovely Disabled.

The terms and conditions described herein serve as a contract between the company and the user's website. When done the registration on the website, you are confirming that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions described herein, assuming that non-compliance will originate the cancellation of the subscription without notice.The GENUINEBEAUTY UNIPESSOAL LDA., Reserves the right to modify its data privacy policy at any time. The user will be notified via email.


1 - Service

  1. Platform online - relationship website that allows the user to register, create a personal profile and then contact other users in order to develop personal, social and/or romantic relationships;
  2. Social networks - The Lovely Disabled Facebook page allows the user to know firsthand all the new features to be implemented on the website, news which we believe is the interest of the general public of the website, including  promotions, exclusive content and other interest;
  3. Blog- The Blog of Lovely Disabled brings together unique articles, developed by a team of qualified professionals in the field of personal development (self-esteem, happiness, social relationships quality, etc.). In the Blog you can also find news about the company and its services. The policy terms and conditions of use blog is described on the "terms and conditions" don the website "blog.lovelydisabled.pt".


2 - Registration:

  1. All people can sign up on the website and use the services provided if the user has 18 years old or more and have full autonomy of their actions and decisions. Otherwise they must be accompanied by their legal guardians who will take full responsibility for their behavior in the use of the website;
  2. Registration is free and allows the user to create a personal profile;
  3. The user commits to provide real personal data, being fully responsible for the adulteration of any personal information. The GENUINEBEAUTY UNIPESSOAL, LDA., has no method to prove the veracity of the data provided by users in the act of registration. However, it is aware of complaints and suspicious behavior and may suspend any account because of suspected fraudulent data and/or delete records in the case of proven;
  4. The account is not transferable. The user is solely responsible for the conservation of their access data. You can receive free assistance in the event of data loss and/or need to change your password;
  5. The user authorized that their data is visible to other users of the website;
  6. The policy of the website does not allow the existence of more than one profile per user, this behavior can origin an account suspension.
  7. The user authorizes the GENUINEBEAUTY UNIPESSOAL, LDA., send e-mails with notifications of use of the website Lovely Disabled and other content of interest concerning the same use. Later, the user can cancel the sending of such e-mails without any penalty;
  8. You can cancel your account at any time without any cost or authorization to do so, unless there is a breach of the terms of use of the website. The GENUINEBEAUTY UNIPESSOAL, LDA., reserves the right not to make any refund if you delete your profile with an active subscription on the website Lovely Disabled.


3 - Use:

  1. You assume to be responsible for all your content shared and for all your actions and behaviors on the website;
  2. Is not accepted sharing erotic and/or pornographic pictures and videos;
  3. It’s not allow spamming by private messages or in profile;
  4. It’s not allow send virus messages;
  5. You cannot use the website for promotion or advertising for personal business or others without proper authorization;
  6. You must not use offensive language, racist, xenophobic, discriminatory and any other that may purposely abash or stigmatize another website user;
  7. You may not share any personal contact profile that allows you to be contacted by other users off the platform, including Skype, email, phone number, facebook page or other means of contact;
  8. The user can view their account suspended or removed if it violates the rules mentioned here above;
  9. The website user cannot replicate, copy or use of the website content for other purposes, subject to recourse to legal action for breach of copyright. Any shared content must be properly credited to Lovely Disabled. If in doubt we advise you to contact us for further information.


4 - Use of photography

  1. You may not share or publish obscene or nude photos. The GENUINEBEAUTY UNIPESSOAL, LDA, reserves the right to decide whether a photo placed by the user on the website Lovely Disabled is according to the website's policy, removing without warning in case of disagreement;
  2. At least one profile photo must clearly show the face of the user at the present time;
  3. You may not post profile photos that are not yours;
  4. You may not use photos from other users for any purpose, whether personal or commercial, under penalty of recourse in legal action under the law.


5 - Subscriptions and Payments

  1. The registration and use of the website is free;
  2. In the first seven days after the user registration you have free access to all features of the website. Thereafter the user must choose to subscribe to the VIP package (paid) and continue to use the full functionality of the website without restrictions or continuing using the FREE package (free), and have usage restrictions. The description of the costs and features are described in the indicated location.
  3. THE GENUINEBEAUTY UNIPESSOAL, LDA., reserves the right to change the features and the price of each package Lovely Disabled website without notice. The value and the content are valid on the subscription and payment moment;
  4. You can pay by Paypal or credit card;
  5. The service is available from the time the payment is made;
  6. Refunds are not made unless specific situation, such as misuse of bank accounts to be individually analyzed.


6 - Copyright

  1. The legal person GENUINEBEAUTY UNIPESSOAL, LDA is the sole owner of all rights under copyright Lovely Disbaled;
  2. The mark Lovely Disabled is a trademark;
  3. All content posted on the site are the work of GENUINEBEAUTY UNIPESSOAL, LDA., and/or are duly licensed and registered;
  4. It is forbidden the use of any content or image in the website under penalty of legal action for breach of copyright;
  5. If you want to use any content of the brand Lovely Disabled or legal person GENUINEBEAUTY UNIPESSOAL, LDA., for other purposes it deems appropriate, please contact us for check the proposal and submit an authorization in case of agreement.


7 - Final considerations

  1. We are not responsible for any contact between users on the platform or in physical contact;
  2. We are alien and immune from any liability for problems occurring in the online services that affect or suspend the correct use of the website. As well as any security issue that allows the website to be invaded by third parties (hacker attacks) and can access confidential information;
  3. Any existing congestion on servers from excessive traffic, updates and/or technical improvements are the responsibility of the company that manages and/or hosting the website may not be delegated to the legal person GENUINEBEAUTY UNIPESSOAL LDA .;
  4. The terms described herein are to be interpreted in view of the Portuguese legislation, as well as penalties of non-compliance with the terms and conditions described;
  5. The website, a Facebook page and the Disabled Lovely Blog will share links to other websites and content it deems to be of interest to users. GENUINEBEAUTY UNIPESSOAL, LDA., is alienthe terms and conditions of such websites or content that may be presented there. All existing content on third-party websites are the responsibility of the same.


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