About Us

Lovely Disabled is a Portuguese relationships company for people with disabilities. With a pioneering and unique project in Portugal aimed to stimulate and create opportunities for online dating. Lovely Disabled was created thinking about people with disabilities, but know that the human being is “one” in your emotions, feelings and dreams. Lovely Disabled is a company without barriers, accepting and integrating all those who recognize themselves in our values ​​and principles and want to find a relationship.

We defend values ​​like friendship, love, inclusion, proximity, respect and happiness! We seek a more inclusive country with less taboos in love. We start our way in the Portuguese market with the online platform Lovely Disabled. Our/Your platform will be a booster to communication and establishing new relationships. You can create your profile, show how you really are and talk to a lot of people with dreams, and feelings similar to your experiences.

This is just the beginning...

We want to give a new direction to the social life and love of the Portuguese society. We want more inclusion, understanding and unity!

Portugal deserves! You deserve it!

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